Boat Moorings

The boat moorings provided offer customers a choice of either pontoon berths or jetty moorings, and boats up to around 20 metres in length can be accommodated. Jetty berths can accommodate boats of up to 2.5 metres draft, but the number of pontoon berths for boats of over 1.5 metres draught is very limited.

Hardstanding Storage Ashore

Storage ashore on the hardstanding can be provided for boats up to around 15 metres in length and 17 tonnes in weight, although larger boats can be accommodated by special arrangement.

Under-cover Storage and Workshop Space

For customers wanting to work on their boats under-cover, or to store their boats out of the weather, Douglas Boatyard currently has available a limited amount of under-cover space in one of their boat sheds. The rate for shed space is based on the length of the boat, as for hardstanding storage, with similar discounts for payment in advance. To calculate the under-cover rate, simply double the hardstanding rate. Boats of up to around 42 feet (13 metres) can be accommodated.

Security Compound Boat Storage

For customers with small boats on trailers who are looking for a higher level of security for their boats than normal hardstanding storage, Douglas Boatyard now has a limited number of boat spaces available in their security compound. The rate for compound storage is one and a half times the rate for normal hardstanding storage, with the same discounts available for payment in advance. For further details please call us on 01772 812462.

Please feel free to call us to discuss the mooring or storage of your boat.